GNSS Systems
We carry all top end high quality GNSS receivers from different brands and models, and focusing on CHCnav products. ​
i80 GNSS
i80 represents the pinnacle of productivity on today’s jobsite. Leading technology with superior capabilities with these awesome features. ​
CHCnav provides the best Mapping and GIS handheld like LT500T (Windows mobile) interface and LT700 (Android). ​
It is designed for high accuracy projects, requiring correctness to decimeter level. It is especially useful in utility applications as underground pipeline mapping and land records management. Meanwhile, LT500T supports to enable the L1 RTK function through update code to reach 2 cm accuracy.
Total Stations
When survey in difficult conditions, you need reliable and efficient equipment that would work on a part with you. Our total stations are indispensable assistants in construction, surveying, topography, engineering, mining and other applications. Both mechanical (manual) and robotic systems are here. ​
FOIF Manual Total Station
A wide range of manual Total Stations produced by FOIF since 1958 designed to deliver the highest accuracy standards with cost-effective benefit. Models include OTS650, OTS680, RTS100 and windows-based RTS360. Angular accuracy range is 1", 2", 3" and 5", with modern features of Reflector-less (300m, 500m, 1000m and 1500m), Bluetooth and dual screen. Compatible with both Carlson SurvCE and Microsurvey FieldGenius software's.
Carlson Robotic CR+
The Carlson CR1+, CR2+, and CR5+ are made to meet all connectivity needs. Use its built-in Bluetooth® for medium range data transfer or its Bluetooth® handle for high performance Long-Range Bluetooth.® Either way, it is ideal for one-man robotic surveys. Store data on the extra large internal memory, on the removable SD card or the USB stick using plug and play technology.
Auto/Electronic Levels
Data Collectors

With 3S Surveying you find all models of data collectors either to control your survey equipment (GPS, Total Station, etc.) or run it as a stand-alone GPS handheld. CarlsonCHCMicrosurveyJuniper Systems and Spectra are here with or without a software.

Pick your preferred software with SurvCEFieldGenius or SurveyPro to install it on your controller.

Office software is your choice to process your survey data; Carlson and Microsurvey.

FieldGenius Prices; Std $1,720.00 Premium $2,525.00

Microsurvey CAD Prices;
Basic $1,145.00
Std. $1,720.00
Premium $2,295.00
Ultimate $8,045.00
Studio $9,195.00

SurvCE Prices; TS $1,393.00
GPS (only) $1,750.00
Robotics (needs TS) $700.00
Roadings (needs TS) $700.00
Upgrade $210.00/version

Construction Rotary Lasers
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